Special Collections


Redox Experimental Medicine covers all main areas of human pathophysiology, with special but not limited focus on healthy ageing and age-related diseases, cancer, cardiac and circulatory diseases, inflammatory-driven chronic diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, pregnancy, perinatal and newborn pathology, neurodegeneration, and infectious diseases. In response to the broad scope of the journal, the editorial team have decided to create a series of special collections, bringing together the latest published content on a specific type of article or topic from the journal.


Explore the collections:


Redox Balance and Sleep Disorders

Led by Professor Alessandro Mauro and Professor Giuseppe Poli, this special collection evaluates current knowledge on the pathogenetic role of redox imbalance in sleep behaviour disorders.


Alteration of Redox Homeostasis and Liver Diseases Special Collection

Led by Associate Professor Francesco Bellanti, this special collection aims to cover redox-dependent pathophysiological mechanisms related to liver diseases, using a translational approach which focuses both on markers for early diagnosis and on therapeutic targets.


Effects of Anti-aging Redox Medicine on Health and Lifespan

Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Giuseppe Poli, alongside Guest Editors Enrique Cadenas and Ettore Bologna, the collection will comprise of review articles contributed by presenters of the 2023 Oxygen Club of California (OCC) Workshop, which forms part of Healthy Aging Week 2023.