Redox Balance and Sleep Disorders Special Collection


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An increasing bulk of evidence points to a marked alteration of the oxidant–antioxidant (redox balance) profile in sleep apnea syndrome, insomnia and other sleep disorders. Indeed, the increase of oxidative stress markers under these pathological conditions appears to be consistent and associated with the rise of inflammatory markers. A vicious circle actually occurs between oxidative stress and inflammation, so that both processes get amplified, by this way favouring their chronicity and even a further progression of the pathology itself. Hence the urgent need to disclose the actual pathogenetic role of redox imbalance in the most frequent sleep behaviour disorders, aiming to stimulate and support clinical trials with candidate drugs shown in preclinical study to efficiently counteract redox imbalance in the central nervous system. As such, Redox Experimental Medicine is launching a collection on “Redox Balance and Sleep Disorders” guest edited by Professor Alessandro Mauro and Professor Giuseppe Poli. The collection aims to publish original research that explores:

  • Alteration of the oxidant–antioxidant profile in sleep apnea syndrome, insomnia and other major sleep disorders
  • Changes of redox-mediated cell signalling and transcription
  • Candidate markers of redox imbalance in sleep disorders
  • Experimental quenching and protection of redox imbalance with polyphenols or other redox pro-active principles


We welcome submissions of all manuscript types, but are especially interested in original research in the area. Accepted papers will be published continuously in the journal (as soon as accepted) and will be listed together on the collection page on the journal website. Manuscripts should be submitted via the submission site. If you would like to submit a manuscript and have any questions please email it to the editorial office at