Editorial Board Disclosure Policy

(Last updated February 2023)

All editors responsible for recommending or making publication decisions are requested to disclose on an annual basis any potential conflict of interest, including current or recent financial relationships with any commercial entity whose products or services may be contained in the journal content.

The following competing interests were disclosed:

Francesco Bellanti – Financial activities: fees from Novo Nordisk Italy Ltd for lecturing, and Eli-Lilly Italy Ltd for consulting and lecturing.
Morana Jaganjac – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Associate Editor, Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences (Section Metabolomics); Guest Editor, Antioxidants; and reviewer, Free Radical Biology & Medicine, Redox Biology, Toxins, Scientific Reports and FEBS Journal.
Gérard Lizard – Intellectual property: Professor Lizard has received patents with the University de Bourgogne.
Elizabeth New – Intellectual property: Dr New has licenced two products to Stressmarq, Inc, and has two patents: Graziotto ME, New EJ, Probe for mitochondrial membrane imaging (filed 11/10/2021), PCT AU2020903689; Mitchell L, Shen C, New EJ, Fluorescent sensor array for the detection of platinum anticancer complexes in blood samples (filed 12/11/2021), PCT AU2020904179.
Nazareno Paolocci – Financial activities: has an MTA with InsuSense (Denmark) for testing sortilin inhibitors and has the following patents: 1. Nitroxyl Progenitors in the Treatment of Heart Failure, US Patent 7863262; Application Number 11/096924; Filing Date 03/31/2005 Publication Date 01/04/2011; 2. Methods of Treating Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury with Nitroxyl Donors, Patent Number 8268890; US Application No 12/346,694, allowed on May 22, 20//12; Issue Date: 9/18/2012; 3. Thiol-Sensitive Positive Inotropes, Date of Deposit: July 13, 2005 - JHU REF. C04755 –P04755-05 - Canadian Patent No. 2,613,477, Issue Date: 12/03/2013; 4. p75NTR antagonists and treatment of acute and chronic cardiac disease, US Provisional Patent Application – filed September 22, 2015 – JHU P13700-01; 5. Methods for treating heart failure with a TrkB agonist, US Application No 15/916,494, filed March 9, 2018 (Claims the benefit of US Provisional Patent Application No 62/469,287, filed March 9, 2017. Inventors: Walter J. Koch, Alessandro Cannavo, Ning Feng, Nazareno Paolocci and Giuseppe Rengo. Temple ref.: C2015-052 – (Koch) - JHTV ref.: C15204_P15204-02i9yhuC15204_P15204-02. Our ref.: 206017-0111-00US (allowed).
Giuseppe Poli – Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Editorial board member, Molecular Aspects of Medicine and BioFactors; reviewer, Free Radical Biology & Medicine.
Giuseppe Valacchi – Financial activities: Dr Valacchi has received fees from Skinceuticals, Vichy and Vitapod.
Maximo Vento – Financial activities: Professor Vento has research grants from the following bodies: Health Research Instituto Carlos III (Ministry of Science and Innovation; Kingdom of Spain), European Union (Call H2020), National Institutes of Health (USA), National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia), National Research Council (Canada). He has advisory positions with: Bundesforschungministerium (Germany), Health Research Instituto Carlos III (Ministry of Science and Innovation; Kingdom of Spain), and Scientific Grants of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Kingdom of Spain).

Bioscientifica staff and freelancers working on the journal reported no conflicts of interest. Article authors' declarations are stated in each journal article. Referees must disclose any competing interests before agreeing to review any submission. For more information on the journal’s ethical policy, please read the ethical guidelines.

This policy follows the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (ICMJE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).